The International Council of Monuments and Sites, ICOMOS, is the most valid, international, professional, non governmental organization (NGO), technical advisor of UNESCO for the protection of Cultural Heritage with the aim of promoting the theory, methodology, technology and the provision of information about the protection and promotion of the historical monuments and sites of all the countries in the world. ICOMOS was established in 1965 with the decision of the B’ Congress of Architects and Protection Specialists that took place in Venice in 1964. ICOMOS members are special scientists from all over the world and it is activated in 104 countries in the 5 continents. Its international administration is elected every three years. The headquarters of ICOMOS are in Paris


ICOMOS acts as a technical advisor of UNESCO. In this capacity, it studies the recommendations of the member countries of UNESCO about the incorporation of national monuments in the Catalogue of World Heritage (Natural and Cultural). Its 21 International Special Scientific Committees also study specialized issues, such as vernacular architecture (CIAV), protection of historical cities and settlements (CIVVIH), Cultural Tourism, cultural routes etc.